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Go beyond the wow effect

AR still has an amazing wow factor. It worked perfectly with the game Pokemon Go, in which millions of players still find, capture and train virtual creatures that appear on the screen as if they were in the same real place as the player.

Leading brands and retailers such as Sephora, Nestlé and Jaguar Land Rover have shown particular leadership in this area. They’ve experimented with using AR to provide personalized advice, provenance information or value-added services for their products, resulting in successful, inspiring campaigns that go far beyond the usual games.

And Ikea, for example, has fully integrated AR into its app, which allows users to check out what furniture might look like in their homes. Confectionery brand Cadbury used augmented reality to enhance a Christmas gift calendar for its consumers. Chocolate lovers can use the Blippar app to scan their calendar and enter an “augmented world of winter wonders.”

Interest in AR continues to grow exponentially. It is now also fueled by artificial intelligence, which allows cameras to “understand” the world and superimpose digital content on it. Combined with hardware becoming more powerful and lighter, the coming years will be key for the development of augmented reality.

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