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How Augmented Reality (AR) can improve your business

Augmented reality (AR) offers many opportunities to make products and brands more attractive.

It is a highly interactive, amazing, economical and versatile technology as it adapts to all types of devices.
For this reason, augmented reality marketing campaigns can be a great tool for bringing our brand closer to the public and improving our business.
As we said, one of the main benefits of augmented reality is that it is highly adaptable technology.
For this reason, augmented reality marketing campaigns can be launched using a wide variety of formats and devices.
In this article, we’ll show you several ways you can use AR to improve your business.

In marketing, storytelling is about creating a message that is intended for users to understand and emotionally associate them with a brand, product, or service.
One of the keys to storytelling consists of getting users to identify with the message and therefore the brand or product advertised.
Undoubtedly, augmented reality offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of storytelling.

As such an interactive technology, it makes consumers immerse themselves in the message. Also, unlike virtual reality, it does not require glasses or other sophisticated devices. On the contrary, the phone that is available to most people today is sufficient for this campaign. For this reason, storytelling in augmented reality marketing is close, natural, and exciting.

Once deciding to run a story campaign in AR, all that remains is to create relevant messages. These messages, these stories can be simple or complex, short or long, more or less exciting … It all depends on the goal you want to achieve with these stories.

Augmented Reality Marketing is the best option to grow your ecommerce business. Fortunately,  shopping online today is almost as casual as going to the bakery for bread. However, not many years ago there was still a lot of skepticism about e-commerce.
For this reason, these types of businesses have done a great job of building user trust.
Return guarantee, secure payment methods, fast and free shipping …
All of these benefits were very important for users to finally trust the stores. online.
However, e-commerce still has certain disadvantages compared to physical inventory for life.
Most importantly, the inability to see, touch and test the product before purchasing.
In this sense, augmented reality offers a unique opportunity to overcome this barrier.
With AR apps, users can see what the T-shirt will look like, or see if a particular table will go well with the dining room decor.
In this area, many brands are running augmented reality marketing campaigns to appease their consumers.
Ikea, for example, launched Ikea Place in 2017.
This is an application that allows you to see on the screen of our phone how the products from your catalog look in different rooms of our house.

The possibilities in this sense are wide, although they all have a common denominator:
the ability to create immersive, interactive and amazing experiences.
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