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WEB AR E-Commerce solutions available for everyone

Since the augmented reality (AR) technology is just beginning to conquer the domestic market. Businessmen and marketing directors do not yet have a clear understanding of its varieties and features of their commercial application. So, augmented reality is divided into two large segments: MobailAR and WebAR.

They differ primarily in the way a user accesses AR content. In the case of MobailAR, it is done through a mobile application. That is, in order to get an augmented reality experience, the user must first download an application from the App Store or Google Play to a mobile device. This is not necessary in the case of WebAR. Here, a person just needs to go to a website or a social network and enjoy full-fledged AR right there. This is possible because modules. Those responsible for working with AR are embedded directly into the “body” of a site or network.


Commercial use of WebAR is mainly aimed at increasing conversion, increasing the level of initial sales. And the promotion of new products or services using social networks.

Many of the world’s Internet retail giants. Like Ikea and Amazon, they have been actively using WebAR for a long time on their resources. Now domestic companies can also do this, and not for all the money in the world.
Types of WebAR
Embedded ready-made WebAR modules

It is a very effective yet affordable service for online stores and manufacturers. Selling their products through distributors and a network. It is ideal for home appliances, baby products, home and interior products. Supplies for pets, office furniture and everything else. What a potential buyer might want to consider from all sides and try on in their space.

The main convenience of such services for sellers is. That you don’t need to hire developers and waste precious time building and debugging your own system. But instead of that, you just buy a subscription to a ready-made solution and embed it on your website. And after that, you need to make 3D models from the images of your products and load them into a new module. In principle, you don’t even need to do this – companies that provide WebAR services for a moderate fee will be able to do it for you.

Web AR development specifically for a specific site

Naturally, ready-made solutions cannot cover all types of goods. Therefore, for some product groups, you still have to write exclusive platforms. For example, finishing materials for interior and exterior. It has its own specifics – 3D models are not needed. Instead, it should be possible to “fill” the horizontal or vertical surface with the selected texture.
Shop in augmented reality

In the past, online shopping was an extremely rational act. We went to the site, typed the name of the product in the search bar, read the characteristics with reviews. And we made the decision to buy – a very masculine approach. Many purchases are made by women.
For them, using WebAR today, you can create a real store with a fashionable interior. Also, the correct layout of goods and even advertising on virtual monitors.
Augmented reality restaurant

Recently, delivery services in countries with quarantine have just gotten rich. But that won’t last forever. Therefore, such companies should now think about how to retain, and preferably also expand, their client base. WebAR is a great solution to this problem.

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