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Where is Augmented Reality used?

Augmented reality can be used in the study of any subject, be it physics or history, biology or literature. For example, DAQRI’s Anatomy 4D AR application is an interactive virtual visual aid for learning anatomy

Construction and architecture
With the help of augmented reality, architects and designers can demonstrate design solutions to customers exactly as they would appear in the intended environment. It is possible to model pedestrian and transport logistics when designing a block. An example is the application of the project “Ancient Cities 3D”, which will allow you to see amazing 3D models of entire cities – both ancient and modern

Today, augmented reality is used in operations to remove liver cancerous tumors. This was first implemented in 2012 in Hamburg, Germany. Before the operation, the liver was scanned, and a 3D model of the vessels and tumor was made. Then doctors used the iPad to see the tumor and all the vessels of the liver, now special glasses have been released for doctors that allow you to see the generated 3D models.

Entertainment and tourism
Geoinformation augmented reality systems allow you to easily find the necessary object in the city, get acquainted with it remotely and make a route to it. In the figure you see how objects are displayed within a radius of 10 km from the tourist’s location on the smartphone screen, information about the nearest points of interest. The same navigation can be created indoors

Design, advertising, retail
Augmented reality is widely used in design and advertising. The picture shows Heinz’s virtual recipe book and AR Door’s virtual fitting room. Dutch artist and software developer Richard Vijgen has created an application that represents wireless signals around us in the form of 3D images or sounds – you can see and hear the infosphere around us (video)

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